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Trish Jeffers-Zeh, of Zeffers Farm in historical Waynesville Ohio is an award winning artist.  She has been offering Workshops and Retreats for Expanding Creative Energy in Fellowship for over 30 years.  Trish has a degree in mental health/art therapy and has been teaching Metal Clay since 2001 nationally and locally through various venues as well as her home studio.  Trish has also worked with trade shows and conferences and was a  presenter at the first Art Clay World Conference in Las Vegas in 2007 on the marriage of metal clay with ceramics.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, in galleries, and at the Dayton Art Institute.  Trish has written many step by step articles for both printed and online publications.  Her work has also been published in magazines and other publications.  

Creating artwork isn’t about production for her. It’s about movement and growth, physically, mentally, spiritually, and personally.  Her focus is on the process.  Presently her work has been focused on the process of techniques in creating jewelry & wearable art.  Trish believes that continually expanding her skills sets and knowledge is important. Gleaning from Master teachers has given her many tools to work with and to share. Metal clay is a bridge to all the mediums that she has explored over the years.  Trish blends mystical forms, function, design & organic fluidity to create pieces that are narratives on life and a way to keep sane in our often chaotic lives.  She’s attracted to a multi-cultural & Spiritual marriage of symbolism to invoke imagery of inspiration & hope.  Art that facilitates growth, mentally & spiritually while depicting the journey through life.  Trish’s creations are an embodiment of organic form & inspiration from nature. Trish is a certified instructor in both Camp Metal Clay and Art Clay products.

Camp Metal Clay Instructor
Location: Waynesville, OH

Trish Jeffers-Zeh

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