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In this two-day course, students will learn all of the fundamental skills required to work with metal clays and be successful with silver metal clay products.


Students will practice fundamental techniques including rolling, texturing, cutting, carving, sculpting, molding, refining, firing and polishing. Extra time is devoted to discuss firing processes and each student learns torch firing and kiln firing techniques.


Students will make five projects including a  pair of earrings with a firable stone, a double textured pendant with syringe detail, wrapped beads, a sculpted toggle clasp and a wrapped ring with a firable stone. The class utilizes multiple types of clays to ensure each student learns the appropriate usage of each type of clay.


Students receive kits including clay. Students also receive firable stones, beads, embeddable findings and have use of all materials and tools to complete the projects.

Upon completion of the projects and lecture time, students will take a short written test. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from Sawtooth School for Visual Art and an 8% discount on clays at Clay Revolution and participating suppliers.

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