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This two-day course is designed to teach students, who are interested in becoming instructors, to hold successful workshops, develop projects and curricula and certify students in the Camp Metal Clay Certification Program. Students will learn all of the fundamental skills of instruction while working through a real world project.


Lesson plans, time management, pricing as well as motivational speaking will be addressed. Practice sessions of group speaking and holding your audience's attention are just a few of the subjects discussed.


The course details the key components of making successful tutorials and classes. Afterwards, students will create their own metal clay project and tutorial based on the guidelines addressed in class. Students receive 50g of fine silver metal clay to be used in the tutorial development project.


Upon completion of the course and project, students take a short written test. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from Sawtooth School for Visual Art and a 10% discount on featured silver metal clays at Clay Revolution and participating suppliers. The designation of Camp Metal Clay Instructor will be awarded and students will be eligible to purchase the Camp Metal Ckay Course 101 lesson plan and begin certifying other students.


This class can only be taken by students who have completed Course 101 or have been approved in advance.

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