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I met metal clay in 2016, by chance, while I was looking for a classical goldsmithing course near my home and I found metal clay courses in Italy (Como, Milan, Rome).

I attended all possible courses in Italy, then 2017 during a trip to France I met silver metal clay and I fell in love with it.

Since then I have studied and practiced a lot, allowing me to have a good command of the

techniques at 360 °. I can say with satisfaction that I am the first certified silver metal clay instructor in Italy and I am happy to share my experience with those who want to know  silver metal clay. Silver metal clay allowed me to find my artistic dimension and gave me emotions that no art has granted me.


My favorite silver clay techniques are: photopolymer and enamelings; both leave room for great individual creativity and splendid play of colors. The incredible versatility and the modern processing phases that at their end give me a pure silver metal piece excite me more than the silver clay. I love silver clay because it allows me to expand my practice and creativity with each jewel created, and it also allows me to test myself, growing up by repairing mistakes with a new experience. Don't be afraid to start a project - there is always a way to fix a mistake.

Camp Metal Clay Instructor
Location: Bologna, Italy

Alessia Foschini

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